"Sigma has given me sisters that I know I can always go to for advice no matter what, and crazy memories that I won't forget."
"I love that I can be myself without being judged! I love all the new friends I have made and all the memories that I will have forever!"
"... being in a sorority is a great way to be a part of the community at Daemen..."
"I love that all the girls are so kind and accepting, I love always having someone to hang out or study with, and I love that Sigma has truly given me a home away from home!"
"I love everything about Sigma. I think my favorite thing would have to be all the new friends I've made."
"I love Sigma because it's a family out here for me that I can rely on to be there for me when I need something. I also enjoy hanging out with all of the sisters and love being so close to so many different people."
"I love that I feel comfortable enough around these girls to be myself. I also love being able to go out and have a good time with my sisters."