"I love that I can be myself without being judged! I love all the new friends I have made and all the memories that I will have forever!"
"I joined Sigma because I am a commuter and really wanted to get involved on campus. I love Sigma because it has helped me meet amazing new people. The girls are all great and make me feel so comfortable. I'm so happy to call all of them my sisters."
"I love everything about Sigma. I think my favorite thing would have to be all the new friends I've made."
"I love Sigma because it's a family out here for me that I can rely on to be there for me when I need something. I also enjoy hanging out with all of the sisters and love being so close to so many different people."
"I wanted to get to know more people on campus and make new friends. Sigma is the perfect way to do that!"
"I love that I feel comfortable enough around these girls to be myself. I also love being able to go out and have a good time with my sisters."
"I joined Sigma to make new friends and make connections to the community. I also wanted to be part of something bigger than myself."